Things have changed!

Due to some health issues, the reopening of Bohemian Alchemist has come to an end.

Instead, we’re focusing on fundraising efforts to help me find some independence again. We’re getting a puppy to train as a certified service dog! We’re looking to raise enough to cover the approximate costs for the first year in order to ensure we are able to provide everything without worry, and focus on building our strong relationship right from the start.

I have handmade items for sale, proceeds of which will go entirely to the cost of raising and training the puppy. Links are provided below.

You’ll find my malas and other crafts on Conscious Crafties by clicking here.

You’ll find additional items that cannot be posted on Conscious Crafties on my Facebook page.

Or, if you’re interested in what’s going on, you’ll find me posting about my journey by clicking here.

We will be a team more than he will be a pet. The dog will be trained to help stabilize my balance, to increase blood flow to my upper body, retrieve water, pick items off the floor, alert to flare ups and other tasks appropriate to my needs. In public, he will be trained to go get help if needed, safely cross the street, stability and more.

I have lost so much of my independence from an unknown illness that continues to cause issues – debilitating dizziness, tinnitus, blurred and double vision, cognitive malfunction, facial flushing, presyncope, instability, improper digestion, and more. Having that team member with me will help me get some of that independence back again. A fully trained service dog can cost upwards of $20,000. This is an intimidating out-of-pocket expense on a single income. The breeder we have decided to purchase a german shepherd puppy from is set to pair her breeding adults in the spring of 2019. We have taken many costly steps to reduce my flare ups,  so we’re looking for a bit of relief from the costs that have already accrued so we can move forward with this goal.

If you want to help, but aren’t interested in purchasing anything, we’re taking donations – with giant armfuls of gratitude. While we will be focusing on self training,  there will also be puppy classes and one on one coaching as the puppy develops and we establish our working relationship.

$338 of $5000 raised!

as of December 15th, 2018

THANK YOU, so much!

“May the light prevail, may the lotus of the heart bring Thee the ecstasy in consciousness, the root of existence of truth, and one may realize that everyone is one alike. In that consciousness may we be blessed with tolerance, patience, and sacrifice, and practice the law of giving to reach the consciousness of the Giver. May this day be the turning point of the life, to give oneself the realization that it is the Infinity which is now, and now is the Infinity, and now is the Infinite, forever. Bring joy, happiness, and peace to every heart with all its sweetness in consciousness to make it a part and flow of Supreme Consciousness.”
-Yogi Bhajan