Coming Soon!

Due to some health issues, the reopening of Bohemian Alchemist has been delayed indefinitely. There is no opening date at this point, but keep checking back! A new website is currently underway!

You’ll find my malas and crafts on Etsy by clicking here.

Or, if you’re interested in what’s going on, you’ll find me posting about my journey by clicking here.

“May the light prevail, may the lotus of the heart bring Thee the ecstasy in consciousness, the root of existence of truth, and one may realize that everyone is one alike. In that consciousness may we be blessed with tolerance, patience, and sacrifice, and practice the law of giving to reach the consciousness of the Giver. May this day be the turning point of the life, to give oneself the realization that it is the Infinity which is now, and now is the Infinity, and now is the Infinite, forever. Bring joy, happiness, and peace to every heart with all its sweetness in consciousness to make it a part and flow of Supreme Consciousness.”
-Yogi Bhajan