Using essential oils neat

When someone tells me that they’ve applied lemongrass/clove/cinnamon or any other essential oil or combination directly onto their precious skin, it’s not uncommon to see me cringe. I can’t help it – some of those oils can be damaging, and our precious skin is important to keep healthy! It’s become a reflex, just like when I hear of someone hurting themselves in any other way. I don’t like hearing when someone falls, gets burned, .

What is a Life Purpose Coach?

Have you ever felt “stuck”? Felt like you didn’t know what to do next, or like you’ve been going through life by the seat of your pants and had no idea how to move forward with that something you haven’t discovered yet? Boy, do I know how you feel. This is where a Life Purpose Coach comes in. A Life Purpose Coach can help offer perspective, take you through the steps to find your .