Heal and onward

I had a series of journal entries to write in order to help me heal and move on from a recent series of events that have hurt me deeply. But today, I’m realising that I just don’t need to write them. I’m doing ok, despite a pretty deep hole I felt I was in last week. It ends up it wasn’t as deep as it felt. I have my faults, weaknesses and insecurities. We .

Learning to Breath Again

Dear 2017, You have given me much to think of. The bumps and bruises you have compiled on my heart and mind have shadowed the pure joy I’ve developed recently. Shadowed, but not forgotten, and not stained. Tarnished a touch, but a little buffing will make me shiny and clean again. I’m already working on that. You’ve sent people to me wanting things I cannot offer. You’ve sent me challenges to which I’ve refused .

We can do better

Smiling Buddha
There are times in everyone’s life when things don’t seem to be fair. Neighbours are cruel. Kids get sick. Cars break down. People die. People come into our lives, while others make their exit. You watch others self destruct. You take the blame for some offences while standing your ground on others while groups implode from dishonest players who tag along for the ride. Everyone has something going on, and it’s become fairly normal .