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Ingredient: Cinnamon (Leaf and Bark)

“Cinnamon” Family: Lauraceae Genus: Cinnamomum verum Description of leaf oil aroma: warm and spicy with a hint of bitterness and harshness Description of bark oil aroma: warm, spicy and sweet Cinnamon is a small evergreen tree native to Sri Lanka whose inner bark is used to make the cinnamon we use for spices. They grow up to 10–15 metres tall and have ovate-oblong leaves. Their flowers are arranged in panicles with a greenish color .


“Virginian Cedarwood” INCI: Juniperus virginiana Red cedar, Eastern red cedar Family: Cupressaceae Genus: Juniperus Virginiana Constituents: Thujopsene, a-Cedrene, Cedrol, b-Cedrene, Cuparene, Widdrol, a-Chamigrene, a-Selinene, b-Himachalene, b-Chamigrene, Contraindications: None known Description of oil aroma: woody, sweet, balsamic A reddish to orange essential oil is steam distilled from the wood. Virginian cedarwood is a slow growing coniferous evergreen tree that originates from the east side of Rocky mountains in North America. In poor soil it may grow no bigger .

Family Safety with Essential Oils

I get asked many times regarding safe use of essential oils and children, and a good, simple, easy guideline to use. Truth be told, it’s just not that easy. Every oil has a different chemical composition to keep in mind when using on or around little, and highly sensitive, people. Pregnancy is also a factor to consider. It’s important to know about each oil before using it – and that’s a lot of information .