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Ingredient: Rose

“Queen of flowers” INCI: Rosa damascene, Rosa centifolia Family: Rosaceae Genus: Rosa damascene, Rosa centifolia Description of oil aroma: Same as the flower Rose is the supreme oil of the heart chakra and brings healing and helps it open after grief has closed it. When it is open, rose strengthens its energy, enabling love to radiate out. Rose also has an equal affinity with the sacral chakra.   Rosa centifolia, also known as the Provence rose, cabbage rose .

Ingredient: Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang
“Perfume tree” INCI: Cananga odorata Family: Anonaceae Genus: Cananga odorata Description of oil aroma: Heavy, sweet, floral Ylang ylang is a tropical evergreen with flowers from which an exotic smelling essential oil is extracted.  It has large, shiny ovate leaves and long, narrow yellow flowers, which change from pale green as they mature. The tree is also known as the fragrant cananga, Macassar-oil plant or perfume tree. The name ylang ylang is derived from the Tagalog term .

Ingredient: Tea Tree

Tea Tree
“Paperbark tree” INCI: Melaleuca alternifolia Family: Myrtaceae Genus: Melaleuca Alternifolia Description of oil aroma: medicinal, pungent Tea tree is a tall shrub that grows in swampy flats that is also known as narrow-leaved paperbark, narrow-leaved tea-tree, narrow-leaved ti-tree and snow-in-summer. It grows to about 20 feet tall and has a bushy crown and white papery bark. The alternating leaves are narrow, smooth and soft and are rich in oil. Flowers are fluffy and white. “Melaleuca” originates .