Cruelty-Free – What’s in a phrase?

CrueltyFree-Logo-2smIt’s no secret that animals are used to test products for effects, reactions and safety for cosmetics, drugs, housecare and everything that has an interaction with people in some way. Cruelty-free has been used as a hype word by many companies in order to garner more sales while misleading people. It can be confusing learning who to trust and what guidelines to follow. The internet has become a place with so much information that it is often difficult to pick out the logical vs the unreasonable.

It is for this reason that we’ve taken the steps to associate with the well-known Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics, commonly referred to as the Leaping Bunny Organization. They have done the leg work to provide consumers with the information required in order to make informed decisions.

It is one of our many goals to reduce the need for animal testing. There is no testing done on animals in any part of the manufacturing process, nor with any of the ingredients before manufacturing. There is no third party testing done at Bohemian Alchemist. Our suppliers have also undergone the appropriate paperwork required by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. While we are not physically present to witness the processing and packaging of the ingredients used, we have to put a certain modicum of trust in the word that they have given us and the information they’ve provided, and have been assured that there is no animal testing done on the ingredients prior to shipment. We have looked into each supplier and have spoken to each one regarding testing and fair trade policies and are confident that the choices we’ve made are trustworthy. We follow updates closely, and check in directly with them on occasion to ensure there have been no changes in this directive.

Bohemian Alchemist is proudly a one-woman act. It is a registered sole proprietorship with no affiliation to any other company and there is no parent company of Bohemian Alchemist.

Bohemian Alchemist does not sell or ship to any place that requires animal testing to be done prior to the product passing over any borders, nor do we have any intention of doing so. We will decline a large sale rather than undergo the animal testing required by anyone.

But what about animal products?

While many of the products offered are vegan-friendly, there are some that are not. We believe in mutualism between species. That is, each member in a relationship can benefit from the other. While we help with the care and maintenance of bees, goats and other animals, they return that care in gratitude. The topic can be one of much controversy, but this kind of relationship exists in nature and we firmly believe that humans should not be excluded from this kind of relationship. It is for this reason that we include animal ingredients in many of our products, all of which have amazing benefits for the health of your skin. We do, of course, try to ensure that the animals from which these ingredients are purchased are given exemplary care, and concern is given to their welfare.Vegan

Looking for vegan options? We are are adding a stamp onto the labels! Keep your eyes peeled for updates. Ingredients are listed on each product, and for easy-searching we are updating the website to quickly reflect which items are vegan.

For more information, please see some of the links below. If there are any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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