FAQs Page

I’d like to come visit your facility. What’s your address?
Because this is out of our home, I do not give out my address at this time. Changes are underway, however, and we will be opening our home for you to visit for services and shopping in 2018. Stay tuned for updates! In the meantime, if you'd like to sample some items or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Can your essential oils be used in a diffuser?
Absolutely! All oils, including the blends, are made with 100% therapeutic essential oils. They are not adulterated or diluted so that you can use them in your diffuser. To use them topically or in a bath, please follow general safety guidelines and please remember to dilute! If you're not sure how much, please contact me.
How long does it take to get my shipment?
Typically, orders are received within two weeks of being ordered. Most items are made to order, which means you get a FRESH item with fresh ingredients each time! If you need your order faster, please contact me to ensure I am able to make it in the time frame you require.
Do you use glycerin in your soap?
While glycerin is not added to soap, it IS part of the process of soap making as a byproduct of saponification (the act of soap making). Glycerin is often removed and sold as-is, and is one of the best benefits of soap - it's the removal of glycerin from commercial soap that often making is so drying. The glycerin contained in our soaps will be vegetable glycerin, except in those cases where animal fat (lard and tallow) are used. Ingredients are listed on each product so that you can make your decisions knowing what's in it!
Can I consign/wholesale your items in my store?
If you would like to discuss wholesale opportunities please email krystal@bohemian-alchemist.ca and we will be happy to help you! Sorry, we do not consign at this time.
Where do you get your essential oils?
I do not grow my own plants to distill them - unfortunately, living in a small town restricts that option (but oh, how I would love to, one day!) I am exceedingly fussy when it comes to the oils I use - and the oils used for aromatherapy are the same used in the soap, so you know you're getting the same quality. I have spoken with many suppliers, and am very happy with wholesaler I found. The oils are grown organically and come with GCMS reports, which was a necessity for me. These oils come from a bulk wholesaler in the USA whose owner visits the farms he purchases from. GCMS testing is provided by Dr. Pappas at the Essential Oil University.
I’m looking for shampoo/face soap/toner/ect
We are happy to create something just for you! Custom items require extra work, so a consultation will be required.  A fee is charged for the work involved in blending and formulating, and will include one or more samples for you to try prior to purchasing. You will find a custom form to start your inquiry by clicking here.
Do you ship outside of Canada?

YES! I have a flat rate shipping rate to the US for $20 CAD. This covers shipping, shipping material and handling fees. Any customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer. All other locations will be sent a separate invoice for shipping.

Can your essential oils be used internally?
NO. The current fad of consuming essential oils can actually be harmful to you despite amazing health claims. Please do not use essential oils internally, for your own safety unless fully trained and certified. For more information please visit the National Association of Holistic Therapy.