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Aromatherapy Consultation & Treatment Plan

Feeling blue? Stressed? Confused? Getting headaches, aches and pains or dry skin? Anxiety?

Aromatherapy is a unique type of therapy that uses aromatic plant extracts to help increase wellness. There are numerous and growing studies to prove the health benefits of using essential oils for complementary health therapy, and I'm happy to help you find a blend to suit your specific needs. There is a fine art in not only creating a nice smelling blend for you and your home, but also creating a synergy that will provide you with the benefits you need most for your daily health.

The information found on the internet is often confusing, misleading and dangerous. Essential oils can be both beneficial and not, depending on how they are used. How are you to know the difference? This is where a certified aromatherapist can help. This is much different – and safer – than purchasing oils from a retail outlet or from someone not properly trained in the effects and contraindications of essential oil use, which can interfere with medications, increase medical risks or cause unwanted reactions. With a consult, You will be made a blend based on the problems you present, your medical history, medications and lifestyle from my personal essential oil collection of over 75 different oils.

What's involved?

A full consult takes approximately 1 hour – in some cases longer. While in-person appointments are preferred, this can also be done over video, such as Skype or Google messaging, or other digital delivery.

Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor and do not treat symptoms. Instead, I look at the overall picture and try to look for the underlying cause of the problem or symptoms presented. A full client medical history will be taken. It is important to fill out all information on this form – the full history helps to gather the information to properly assess your situation and choose the right oils for your needs. Some oils are also contraindicated with medications and health disorders and conditions. There are NO JUDGMENTS made for any of the answers you provide. All information shared is strictly confidential.

After the medical history is taken, you will be asked questions regarding your health and habits, preferred scents, current physical and mental health and more. Some of the questions are quite personal, but again, these are asked in order to obtain an overall mental picture to use specifically to help you.

At this point your session will be over, and the information you have provided will be used to create your blend. In 2-3 days after your appointment, you will be offered three scent blends to choose from. If none of these blends are ideal, then more options will be offered – there is no point in getting a blend that you won't use, after all, so I want to make sure you'll enjoy the smell as well as the therapeutic benefits of it. If you live away from Wetaskiwin, these options will be mailed out to you, or other arrangements made.

Once a blend is chosen, you will be sent your treatment plan and a free 5 mL bottle of that blend, as well as any other product that was ordered at the time of your appointment. If you decide on more than one blend, you will be invoiced for the additional oils. Shipping fees are paid at the time of booking. Pick up and deliveries can be arranged within Wetaskiwin and Millet, Alberta.

The treatment plan will include the oils chosen in your blend and the reasons for using them, directions for use, cautions and contraindications, pricing for more and topical use instructions. They will also include further notes and suggestions to help improve your health, as well as your Ayurvedic dosha assessment.

Once receiving your blend, please schedule a 1-week follow up. This is a 30 minute visit or phone call to check in, see how you are feeling after using your blend and if there are any changes to be made. This price of your first follow-up is included with your initial consult.

Any other products ordered at the time of the consult are offered at a 15% discount.

Pricing and Fees

*GST is applicable to all prices and fees

Full Consultation: $75
The aromatherapy consultation provides: 1) a 1-hour session either in your home or other safe, quiet location. 2) 1 free 5 mL essential oil synergy blend 3) A comprehensive treatment plan including other suggestions and recommendation for personal wellness 4) 1 – 30 minute follow-up 5) 15% discount on other products at the time of consult. This fee is only refundable with 36-hours notice of appointment cancellation. I reserve the right to make exceptions due to extreme circumstances.

Follow Up: $25
All future follow ups receive a 30 minute in-person session or phone call in order find out how the treatment is working for you and to create a new blend or adjust current treatment, if necessary. Price does not include new product or blends made.

Custom blending: varies
In order to create custom blends, an aromatherapy consult is required. This is a one-time session required for a base idea of your needs, and is not needed again unless an extended period of time (1+ years) lapses between visits. Any custom blends made after the initial consult are subject to cost associated with the oils used, which can vary significantly. A blending fee is included in the quote that will be provided to you.

Shipping: $15
Shipping fees are applicable for all areas outside of Wetaskiwin and Millet, Alberta or in rush situations. This fee will be invoiced at the time of booking if required, and is fully refundable in the event of booking cancellation or arranged pick up.

Out-Of-Town: $0.44 per km
For appointments out of town, you will be invoiced at the time of booking for travel fees outside of Wetaskwin, Alberta. Fees are determined using Google maps. This fee does not apply to Wetaskiwin or Millet.

Aromatherapy isn't so much about preventing illness, but about maintaining and promoting better health. There is often no one simple solution to any one problem, but combined efforts to better wellness may lead to incredibly higher quality of life! Let me help! Questions? Want to schedule? Please contact me directly to schedule your appointment, or use the NEW booking form provided!

Essential oils and aromatherapy is a complementary therapy and not intended to treat, diagnose and/or cure any medical issues. For emergencies, please call 911.


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