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Salt and sugar body scrubs have been a popular product during the dry winter months. The gentle scrub from fine particles helps release dry skin and expose fresh, new, healthy cells, protected by the deep moisturizing oil base we've mixed up for a deep and rich treat just for your skin. It is great for using on cracked heels and callouses, on dry, overworked hands or as an overall body scrub.

Please note: The seals that came with these containers are the not the greatest, and this product does tend to leak if flipped upside-down. I will do my absolute best to prevent this from happening, but please know that the jar may need to be wiped on arrival, depending on how the shipment is handled during transport. I am still working on this problem, and I apologise for the inconvenience. This product can still be shipped, and will be bagged individually to prevent leakage on other products.

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Directions for use: For best results, stir or shake before use. Soak hands or feet for 2-3 minutes in warm to hot water. Towel Dry. scoop a small amount of scrub out of container and rub over hands or feet. Rinse well with warm water, towel dry, and then moisturize as needed. For external use only. Avoid use on open sores and irritated skin.


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This product is vegan friendly.



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