Lavender Bar Soap

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Lavender is an favorite, so much so that it gets it's very own soap. No blending is needed with our rich, Bulgarian Super high grade lavender.



What is it?

28-Barchart28-piechartThere’s more to soap than just cleaning and smelling good. What’s also important is how it performs – which will be different for everyone.

Lavender is extremely popular, but is often made very overpowering and strong smelling. This bar soap is made to be more subtle so that it can be properly enjoyed! With the addition of shea butter, it has extra conditioning properties while being a little harder than some of the bars available. The dark, natural alkanet root powder helps binds to the lavender, to retain the scent just a little longer. It also makes for a fun color and adds an exfoliating touch! I don’t use just any lavender oil – when it comes to this scent, I insist on high grade bulgarian super lavender essential oil. In my opinion, there are no others that can compare.

This soap is a favorite of those with all skin types, and is great for cleaning irritated skin without drying it out.

Handcrafted soap requires proper storage between uses. Ensure proper drainage to help dry the bar out. Wood soap dishes are great for this.

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What’s in it?

Ingredients: Sodium Olivate (olive oil)*, aqua (water), glycerin, sodium cocoate (coconut oil)*, sodium palmate (palm oil)*, Butyrospermum Parkii (shea butter)*, Lavandula Angustifolia*, Alkanna Tinctoria (alkanet root) powder

*Organic Ingredients

Please note: This soap will have some minor changes coming soon!

How do I use it?

Simply rub against your hands or directly against your body to scrub off dirt and grime. Try it on a puff! Loofah and sea sponges are great at increasing lather and exfoliation! Rinse when done and voila – you’re clean!
Cautions: Avoid getting it in the eyes. For external use only.

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This product is vegan friendly.


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1 review for Lavender Bar Soap

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I’ve been hardcore on liquid soaps for years, because I found bar soaps were just way too drying. I met Krystal at a craft market last winter, and she promised me that her’s wouldn’t do the same. I didn’t really believe her, so she gave me a small bar to try. And I’m hooked. I finally opened it up and have been using it, and am horrified at the tiny sliver left that I know won’t last me until my shipment gets here. Which is my own fault for not ordering sooner. I’ve converted – I never really realized how much the foaming hand soap was drying out my skin until using her lavender bar soap!

    This is my favorite lavender I’ve ever used. The scent is richer and different from some of the fake smells you can get, and this one is relaxing and more natural, and not at all overwhelming. I don’t like when I can smell my soap on me over my perfume, and some of the bigger brands use so much scent that they’re overwhelming. This one isn’t – it’s light and subtle, and doesn’t leave my hands aching for a moisture bath after. Feels so great. Thanks so much!

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