Natural Gemstones


Raw, untumbled natural gemstones for your collection, garden, jewelry or pocket! Each option will get you one or more stones with a minimum weight of 30 grams in total. We do not provide photos of each gemstone available, and they all vary remarkably. If you do have something specific in mind please add your request in the comment section on checkout, and we'll do our best to accommodate that request!

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Gemstones have magic, in one form or another.

Some say they can heal.
Some say that can charge.
Some say can create, store, and redirect energy.
And some people just love how they look, which is magic in itself.
But you can’t deny the history. Of all things, gemstones have a history that predates anything we could possibly know.

The stones offered here are raw – just the way I like them. I like the basic, dirty, nitty gritty original forms of all things. And while they may not look at pretty to some people, I think they are perfect. They are unmarred by physical alteration, which has become such a need in today’s society that we forget who we are unless we can fit that picture-perfect example of beauty.

To me the beauty comes naturally, and they hold more power, including the power of reminder, that we need to learn to just live and breathe and smile. Enjoy life as it is, because sometimes the changes we make cause more damage than needed.

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