Say YES!

The last you heard from me, I was in a bit of a rut. Things tend to all come at me at once and I freeze up.

Buy hey – wouldn’t you know, this heat wave seems to have thawed me all out again! I’m ready to say “YES” instead of “Maybe….”

Changes are pretty constant in my life. A number of years ago, I made a promise to myself to make some major changes and to be a better person – even so far as to be a good person. So far, I’ve kept that promise pretty soundly. I trip now and again and fall back into an old routine, but I’m picking myself up from those stumbles much more quickly than ever. At some point this year, though, I took a pause and just wasn’t sure for a moment which direction I was heading in. What I had thought was the route I wanted ended up looping into a place I didn’t feel right in. Sure enough, though, a tornado hit and pushed me exactly in the direction I needed to go in – even though I didn’t know it at the time. It ends up that I had to backtrack a little to find a path I didn’t notice before. That tornado…. that spinning, confusing, damaging force of nature that exhausted and drained me…. spun me around and even though I had no sense of direction left, it had pointed me in the right direction in the end. Sometimes the universe seems to know what I need more than I do.

While I am absolutely in love with Aromatherapy, I have to admit that I’m struggling to find a solid client base for consults, which is where I’d like my focus to be on. With the abundance of essential oil representatives, however, I’m finding this a little tricky. There are copious amounts of people delivering sketchy information for subpar quality oils, and this “free” information is literally being eaten up, and while I do what I can to offer a great service, I also have to be realistic about it. My pricing for my service is fair and my information and education on that matter is solid, but people want more. So, what better way to be realistic than to offer what people want!

With the trickle of clients I’m slowly building, I have come to realize my calling. Those I’ve been able to help have been so grateful and happy and have come back, oftentimes with friends. This warms my heart. This tells me that I’ve done something right. This tells me that I was able to help someone with their struggle, and I want to do more of that. This is what makes my heart warm and my mind peaceful. I want to help people live well, live happily, healthy and just overall live. We live in such a strange day and age where people forget who they are in order to please those they aren’t. We live up to everyone else’s expectations but forget that we owe ourselves a little bit of kindness, as well. We live for other people in order to feel successful, but so many of us are unhappy with the decisions we’ve made for ourselves (but sometimes we don’t know it). And why is that?

This is the heart of the issue and one I’d like to help people uncover so that they can make decisions that better serve their own well being.

This month and last month I dove headfirst into coursework that will help me grow on this idea and offer more services to help you help yourself live the life you want. The bumps and bruises I’ve recently experienced are new lessons to move on with that I can apply to making my next steps more secure, solid and stronger than ever. The different courses I’m working on are varied and are designed to help me have a better perspective on situations and encourage a better view of the bigger picture. Sometimes literally – some of the courses are on photography!

Our vacation was wonderful. It was peaceful, it was beautiful. We took advantage of the free park passes for Canada 150 and enjoyed a week in Jasper, hiking and taking photos and having no itinerary to speak of. It was such a needed break. Until we took that break a little too far. A ballerina I am not. I was not gifted with grace or balance, and I have a tendency to be unintentionally destructive. In a strange coincidental move, I ended up catching my camera strap on my foot, and the camera came crashing down on the bench I was sitting on, lens first. Despite the lens cap being on, it was smashed up pretty badly. It’s an older model, and that lens is discontinued and likely more expensive to fix than it’s worth. I was deeply saddened – this camera and I are barely newly acquainted, and I’ve already damaged it. The camera itself still works, but with only having a macro lens I was pretty limited. On our way home, I came across a posting on Kijiji for a brand new, newer model, plus two lenses, for a more than reasonable price. I was excited – until I wasn’t because the first few photos had SO much noise in them. I figured it’s time to take a course to get better at it since now I have a fairly good piece of equipment that makes no sense to have unless I know how to use it properly! (And the difference is already noticeable in my photo quality!) The disappointment has since faded, and I’m enjoying powering through the course material and assignments and putting my new skills to work! The photos here are my final sights from my first DSLR camera. With that lens, that is.

I have changed a few of the online ordering options in order to help me streamline better. I want to offer freshly made products, and the best way to do that is to make it on order. There are a few items that can only be made with minimum amounts, and I’ve reflected product pages to reflect that. This will keep inventory on hand at a minimum, in order to provide the freshest products possible when you order! The exception to this is soap, which has a curing time. Soap is now being made in small batches and new formulas will be made on a regular basis – there will be one or two kinds that are regular sellers that stick around, but many of the others will be rotated and limited quantities.

At the moment, I am working feverishly on Reiki, Life Coaching, Nutrition and other course work, on top of completing Clinical Aromatherapy, which all will be brought together to help provide a unique and well-rounded experience to offer you. I aim to open my own office within the next couple of years for you to visit – but until then I’m happy to meet customers in their home or in a comfortable and quiet public location. I’m so excited to finish so that I can put it into practice! I’ve been working hard on these efforts and now have a solid vision for Bohemian Alchemist. There will still be products available, but these are now just a bonus to the other things I’ll be able to offer!

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