The Year of Growth


I knew this year I would be switching things up a little and working on personal and business growth and development, but the changes that have happened took a bit of an unexpected turn of events – all for the good.

I have recently had a few people contact me confused about the different bath and body products at the Painted Door on Main in Beaumont – a place I was recently sent all of my customers in order to shop. I admit that I’ve been avoiding this topic because things happened very quickly and suddenly and I just didn’t know how to approach it best. I left quietly and no one knew about it.

I’m not a member of the Painted Door anymore, and my products are no longer found anywhere except online.

There are times that things happen that are confusing and painful, and it seems that the best way to deal with these things sometimes is to just not deal with them at all. This is the approach I took, at first, because I didn’t know what else I COULD do, at the time. I needed time to process.

Since then, however, I’m glad to have made so much progress towards my own growth. I have new perspectives, new directions, new goals and a solid foundation like I have never experienced in my entire life. I am grateful for my time at the Painted Door – every member had a hand in helping me to grow in one way or another, and the shop itself gave me an opportunity to learn many things about myself and my business. I do wish them the best of success in everything they do and in their personal development of the talented and amazing artists they truly are, as well as in a team in growing the local artist and artisan scene in Beaumont.

One of those things I learned in my experience is that selling isn’t for me. I love making my products, and formulating and sharing, but the process of selling is not what my heart is truly after, and since my end of membership from this group I have figured out exactly the direction I need to and want to head in. I would not have known this without the experiences I had from there. (If you are curious about where Bohemian Alchemist is headed, you’ll see updates starting to roll in as progress is made! So stay tuned!)

The last few months have been an amazing change of pace. I have been taking many courses that have helped me to see experiences from a different perspective, to accept things I have no control over, to view things with curiosity before reacting to them and to and embrace who I am and to live in alignment with my life purpose. There is so much pressure to live up to expectations and to pretend to be people we are not. This can be confusing and it’s so easy to never know who we truly are.

This is not an idea that I relish living with, so as usual – I’m going against the grain and working against the general perceived rules of society.

I live for me. I don’t live for paying government taxes, nor do I live as a peacekeeper or corporate workhouse or as what anyone else wants me to be. I live for me – the actions I take are decisions I make and how I am living is a result of those choices I make for myself.

My happiness is my own. I don’t owe anything to anyone. I am not responsible to make anyone else happy, nor do I allow anyone else to affect how I feel.

I do what I enjoy. There are things I do that I do not enjoy that are necessary to get done in order to continue doing those things that I enjoy, but those unenjoyable things are negligible in the big picture. I GET to do those things, and I CHOOSE to do those things in order to continue doing those things I enjoy doing most!

I keep my reactions in check. What others may do or say is a result of their own actions and while I may feel an emotion, this does not mean that I allow my emotions to take action. Just breathe….

I am in control. I control my own thoughts, my own reactions, my own actions. I am only manipulated by people I allow to do so. By creating boundaries for myself and for others I am able to remain in control of the decisions I make. I cannot control people and their actions and reactions. I cannot control every situation I encounter. I do, however, have control over what I say, how I react, how long I allow other things to affect me and how to move forward from every situation.

Life can become overwhelming sometimes, and one thing that is important to remember is that everyone is human. Everyone makes mistakes and those mistakes are important to forgive yourself for, as well as to forgive others for not understanding. And it’s ok to be afraid. There’s no easy success that can be achieved without taking chances, and even though chances can be terrifying to take it’s so hard to know what we can truly accomplish without putting the entirety of ourselves into our efforts with everything we’ve got.

I’ve been afraid for too long, and I’ve allowed that fear to affect me. I’m still terrified – but I’m ready! It’s GO time! It’s time to move on, move forward and commit my life to me. By doing so – I’m also committing my life to those who want my help in doing the same for themselves.

I look forward to helping you empower yourself – because there truly is no one out there that can empower you as much as you can for yourself!

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