Yoga: Coming Soon!

I have practiced yoga off and on since I was about 15 years old. To be fair, it was more of an off-practice for much of that, but it’s been building more and more through the years. The past two years I’ve built my personal practice into a regular routine, and it’s now a rare event for me to miss a day of asanas. This has also grown into more than just an exercise routine, however. It started with wanting to stretch out muscles that hurt, sure, but this grew. Once I realized how calming and grounding it was for my mind, I started looking into the other benefits of yoga, and the history and mindset of the yogic practice overall. The more I learned, the more I’ve started to live it, and the better I’ve been feeling in spirit, heart and mind, as well as in body. This is a goal I never thought to work towards, because I did not know that I needed to.

The practice of yoga has helped me to just be. My mind is calmer, my focus has never been clearer, I retain new knowledge faster and I have more energy and am more productive with my days. After feeling so dreadful for so long with aches and pains and mental distractions, I have never felt so grateful to feel as balanced and healthy as I do now.

This is a feeling I want to share with anyone who wants the same, but doesn’t know where to start.

I used to avoid yoga classes for many reasons. Everyone always looked so good, were so bendy and wore tight clothes and felt comfortable getting so close to other people in order to feel connected to each other. I didn’t want to look or feel like the class idiot. I didn’t want to hurt myself more than I was already hurting. I didn’t feel I had the skills to achieve those poses and didn’t want to fail so miserably in front of so many people I don’t know. I didn’t want to lay my legs on someone else, nor did I want someone’s legs on me. And Heavens to Nancy, what if my tight pants rip during a downward facing dog pose?? Would that be worse than passing gas, which also naturally tends to happen? No, maybe yoga classes weren’t really for me.

And then I started watching YouTube videos and practicing at home. I read books. I started learning about Ayurvedic principles and practices. My interest peaked, and I kept learning more. And I am STILL learning more, and love everything new. My yoga teacher training starts in a couple of weeks, and I’m excited for it. Minor renovations are currently underway to transform the basement into a small yoga studio where I can welcome clients for a one-on-one opportunity to experience and learn more about yoga without the classroom setting. Classes are sometimes intimidating, overcrowded and uncomfortable. Every class is different and not everyone is comfortable going to group classes. I want to strip away some of the ceremony and appearance so that people feel warm and welcome to ask questions and to fumble – even fall – without fearing judgement. I’m offering a quiet, comfortable place for learning, because I know that not everyone is comfortable at a yoga class, for their own reasons they don’t need to share with anyone else. I want to give you a reason to try something that you may have been thinking of trying, without the reasons for excuses you may have had for not trying it yet.

The 200 hour extended training end in June, when I hope to have the basement ready to invite you to. The services I’m offering can be combined to help you with your wellness goals, and I’m happy to finally have a space of my own to welcome you to.

2018 is an exciting year for me, and for Bohemian Alchemist!



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